5 Tips For face Mask Newbies

Don’t we all love a good face mask? They can help exfoliate the skin, and remove blockages that can cause spots and pimples. The benefits of a good mud mask form a wide spectrum of goodness, but what if you don’t know your mud mask from the clay mask? Fret not, today’s article is just right for those who are wishing to understand facial masks!

1.    The Face Mask Phases
Every type of face mask has three phases, they all have a certain effect on your skin. Phase one is when the mask is fresh, the skin starts to absorb the nutrients into the pores and refreshes the skin. Phase 2 starts when the mask begins to dry, this is when the blood flow is stimulated and helps to color your face with a natural glow. Phase 3 is when you should remove the mask, it has become dry and will start to irritate if left on for too long.
2.    Don’t Moisturize Too Much
If you think you may have left your mask on longer than necessary, make sure not to over moisturize. When the skin is clean and fresh, over moisturizing can lead to suffocated pores.
3.    Give a Sheet Mask a Try
They look scary, something straight out of a horror movie. In fact, they are just as efficient as a cream mask, and are very easy to travel with.
mud mask

4.    Sheet Masks Are Great
Sheet mask can be left on as long as you like, they won’t dry out your skin so feel free to have a full treatment. Or if you really feel like it, leave it on all day! When you do finally decide to remove the mask, let the left over serum soak into your skin on its own time.
5.    Test Your Mask
Especially if you have sensitive skin, you should test your mask on a small portion of your skin.