Food Lovers Embrace Micheladas

When considering Asian foods, one of the things that pop into mind is sushi. Sushi originated from ancient Southeastern China when it was discovered by individuals that fish and cooked rice put together led to fermentation.

The fermentation produced something that would elongate the life of the fish before it would rot, and also tasted good. From there, sushi was born. Today, sushi has expanded all over the world as a very popular raw seafood cuisine. People know of sushi as raw seafood, rice and raw vegetables wrapped in a nori sheet (which is dried seaweed.)

However, there is also a new form of sushi that is gaining popularity in the U.S. It is Mexican-style sushi. Mexican food, like Asian food, is very popular around the world today. Mexican cuisine is most known for delicious food like enchiladas, or tacos.

The Mexican twist on sushi brings new delicious possibilities to the table. There are many different cultural Mexican foods that combine to produce the Mexican version of sushi. Imagine sitting down and being served a crispy sushi roll stuffed with seafood, bacon, chicken, cream cheese – all smothered in savory house sauces.

Is your mouth watering yet? Of course it is. Mexican-style sushi is relatively new, so it isn’t very well-known yet. Some suspect this won’t be for long though, as the area where it was first introduced in the U.S. (Los Angeles, CA) has already started to go crazy for Mexican-style sushi.


Once this brilliant creation begins to become more popular nationally and internationally, you’ll start hearing more about it. Why wait though? While Mexican-style sushi is still growing, you can be one of the early-birds who can brag about having tried it out already. On the other hand, if you just love food (which is the group I would fall under) and you want to try this because it sounds like a party for your taste buds, the micheladas website will be one of the places you want to check out.