Social Media Optimization

When we think about social media optimization the first thing that comes to mind is attracting visitors. These visitors are attracted through different social media activities like blogging platforms, social networks, RSS feeds, user polls, and even forums.

It seems that search engines are not the only tools you can use to attract more visitors on your website. Social media optimization is as useful as search engine optimization, especially because it implies the idea of community. You can place your content and make it famous on social webs. There are some tips on how to make this process easier for you and your readers.

When it comes to social media, the big plus is the fact that if you have a really interesting content, you will get visitors and there’s no need for much search engine optimization. Another benefit is the fact that by making your content social media optimized you will easily increase its page rank.

Making comments on other people’s websites is a great method to increase your social media optimization; Make sure that your comments are relevant and they are not just any comments; they should be related to the subject of the article. That will attract even more people on your website. Participating with relevant comments and advice in discussion groups will also give you some exposure and might increase your popularity.

Increasing your linkability is also a good method to attract visitors and probably the main strategy for social media optimization; people should link to your site but make sure that the right people talk about you on their websites. Relevant websites will give you a higher page ranking in search engines and, of course, more visitors.

Micro blogging can prove to be useful tools; you keep your costumers or readers posted with your latest news.  You will be able to always stay in touch with the people who read your website. It has a few advantages too: it’s very fast and your messages need to be short which means that your information is easy to read and access. Micro blogging includes all social networking websites like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook… etc.

Social media optimization can be compared with viral marketing as it is a technique that spreads from people through social networks. Also, social media gaming works for the same principle, you build your network of friends and try to keep them interested in what you have to offer.