Why Are Replica Handbags So Cheap?

These days, Replica Designer Handbags are just as popular, if not more so than the authentic designer handbags. The reason for this is because they’re so much cheaper- and therefore, more affordable for the woman on a budget. However, there are some reasons why they are so cheap. Following are a few of those reasons:

First of all, you must know that no matter how authentic it may look and how beautiful it may be, a replica handbag is made from inferior materials. Most of the time, the luxury designers like to use materials such as fur, snake skin, crocodile skin, or other exotic animal skin. Then, they use bamboo, silver, gold, gems, and other unusual materials to decorate them. The more expensive/rare the materials used, the more sought after and exclusive the bag is considered. Replica handbags will never be made from materials such as these- they are typically made from faux leather that feels and looks cheap.

Replica Designer Handbags

In addition to being made from inferior materials, replica handbags are typically made in sweatshops that use child labor. These laborers lack the necessary skills to make a perfect product. The designer bags are made from artisans that have the necessary experience to make these flawless creations. In fact, most of the time, designer bags are made by hand, not by a machine. This way, they can be sure they are turning out a quality product.

Even if a replica bag looks pretty authentic at first glance, once you start looking at it closely, you’ll find many mistakes in the design. This is due to the fact that manufacturers of replicas do not have any money invested in designs or patterns for their bags. They simply infringe on copyright and basically steal the designs of what they find on the market.

So, this is why replica designer handbags are so much cheaper than the real thing. These manufacturers are offering a product that seems authentic, but is actually very low quality in regards to the materials used and the overall look.